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The GIBE- III project: a threat to L.Turkana

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Globally there has been an increase in concern over the

environmental degradation and the need for greater environmental protection and management.


About Me

In the early years of his childhood while living in Bungoma, dunpresident realized that the life in his hometown and the whole country was not conducive in the development of human race, at this early age he had a dream; a dream to contribute to the betterment of the living conditions in his hometown and the country as a whole, this was when he was in primary school,he wanted to be president when he grew up,this he always told his dad,his mama always told him she was proud of his ambition,within the family he was nicknamed dunpresident,but it was later in life that this name would come to have a meaning to him.This was during his college days in Uganda where friends used to go  to him for assistance with the adminstration,having created his space in the college leadership,he became the bridge between the Kenyan students and the administration that was Pro-Ugandan,it is during this time that his Ugandan colleges started calling him Mr.President,they considered him the Kenyan president in the college because even the administration of Nabumali college would consult him in cases of indiscipline among the Kenyan students.Since then dunpresident stuck,he felt it had always been his first name since childhood.

dunpresident  is a young ambitious writer who stands against injustices, corruption and violations of individual rights.He believes that whatever change that a people may want to embrace,they should individually take  responsibility in effecting it.

Born Duncan Ogaro Mikae on the 6th of August 1984 in Bungoma a district in the Western province of Kenya. He is the last born in a family of seven. His parents were blessed with five boys without a girl child.

His parents at the time of his birth were living in Bungoma a time when his father was a civil servant while the mother a house wife.

His mother’s courage, love, stability, hunger for Education have always been the reason behind his struggles in life. He promised himself that he would fight his mother’s fight to the end to make sure he achieved his goals and probably educate his mother who always wanted to read his books. Learn more about dunpresident by clicking here

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Writers Needed

Do you have  a passion for writing,here is a platform for you to express yourself.It could be about Politics,Love,Jokes,Life experiences,poems or anything that you feel you need to put down.If interested just send a message with what you are interested in  to and you will be given sp

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